Powerful Tornadoes Rumble through the Midwest

Record-breaking tornadoes rumbled across the Midwestern and Southern United States on Sunday, April 27th, 2014. The storms began in Vilonia, Ark., creating a powerful, half-mile-wide tornado. According to Fox News, this tornado reduced buildings to rubble, stripped trees of branches, and even tore through cars and 18-wheelers, leaving destruction in its path. One Associated Press article quotes National Weather Service meteorologist Jeff Hood as saying, “The tornado that hit Vilonia and nearby Mayflower would likely be rated as the nation’s strongest to date this year, as it has the potential to be at least an EF3 (Enhanced Fujita scale—measures strength of tornadoes in the US on a scale of 0 to 5) storm, which has winds greater than 136 mph.” After hitting Arkansas, the tornado moved to portions of Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri. As of early Monday morning, a total of 18 deaths were reported across these states. Shortly after, Arkansas governor, Mike Beebe, issued a statement suggesting, “it will take days to estimate the total amount of damage, but as of now, the primary focus is on search and rescue efforts” to make sure that all are safe and accounted for. As the states impacted by these powerful storms continue to recover, consider adding to or enhancing your preparedness supplies. Weatherchannel.com believes that the storm on Sunday will not be the last this area of the country sees this month. In fact, they issued a forecast predicting weather patterns in this part of the country for the rest of the week. They believe that the severe storms and tornadoes that began over the weekend may last into midweek. To learn more about the tornadoes that swept through the Midwest and South, check out these articles:Emergency crews searching for survivors after tornadoes kill at least 16 in central US” [Fox] “Powerful Storms, Tornadoes Kill 16 in 3 States” [Associated Press] "Severe Storms Slam Midwest as First 2014 Death Confirmed" [CBS] Also, check out the Weather Channel’s predicted forecast and videos showing the damage of this powerful storm: And while you’re at it… learn what to do during a tornado by reading our Insight article, “Preparing for a Tornado.” What preparations have you made to survive possible powerful tornadoes in your area?
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