During an emergency it’s more important than ever to keep your New Year’s resolution to stay hydrated. You, being a handy, prepared sort, can pull out your trusty Katadyn® and save the day! Katadyn® water filters and purifiers are the real, water-purifying deal—with a Katadyn® filter you can drink water from almost any source.* Katadyn’s® headquarters are in Switzerland—and you know how precise the Swiss are. Katadyn® developed a 0.3 micron glassfiber cartridge that removes all sorts of evily-weevilies from water. It takes out sediment, bacteria, spores, cysts, algae, and protozoa. The carbon core improves the taste and odor of your filtered water. If you are hiking, camping, or stuck with nothing to drink but dirty water, this is the filter for you. This month the Katadyn® Ceradyn Drip Filter is a great value for $249.99. The trick is to let the Drip Filter do all the work; all you have to do is add the water. It uses three .2 micron ceramic filters (with granulized silver in the core) and the power of gravity to purify water—no pumping required. The Ceradyn holds 2.5 gallons of water, and will filter 39,000 gallons, which makes it great for large-scale water purification. For the amount of water it purifies, the Ceradyn gives you clean water at less than a penny a gallon.
Ceradyn Drip Filter
Are you storing water? If not, get cracking! In an emergency situation—say the water main breaks, or a contaminant leaks into the city’s water supply—you will need water. You need water to drink, but also to brush your teeth, wash your hair, prepare meals, flush the toilet, wash clothes, and—heaven forbid—for first aid. That adds up to be a lot of water. On average, one adult needs to drink one liter of water per day in order to survive. If you store enough water for each adult to use one gallon per day, that leaves you just over two liters of water to do everything else. Storing water can be tricky. It’s heavy and can take up a lot of space. We can’t change the weight of your stored water, but we can help you maximize the space in which it’s stored. Our water storage barrels provide a space-efficient way to maintain your stationary water storage supply. You can choose a 15, 30, or 55-gallon barrel. These barrels are made of food-grade plastic and they restrict light to help prevent algae growth.
Water Storage Barrel
You’ll need to have a way to access your water, so don’t forget to store an Emergency Siphon or drinking-water-safe hose, and a Barrel Buddies II which opens the barrel (and shuts off your gas!). Water is the most important element of your emergency supply. It’s possible to live with little or no food for several weeks. If you don’t have access to clean drinking water your health will decrease rapidly. With a reliable supply of stored water, and a great water filter, you can stay hydrated and weather the most difficult of emergencies.

* Do not attempt to purify flood water or water that may be contaminated with harmful chemicals.

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