Cajun Chicken and Pasta

Trying to impress your friends and family with your extraordinary cooking skills? Well, we have a recipe that will blow them away—and the best thing is you can make it anytime, even in an emergency, just using your food storage supplies. (And you don’t have to be a great cook!) A few of us here at the office decided to see if we could impress our co-workers with our cooking skills using this Cajun Chicken and Pasta recipe—because really, sometimes yummy food is just the best way to celebrate on an uneventful Tuesday.

Cajun Chicken and Pasta (4 servings)

2 cups Provident Pantry Freeze Dried White Chicken, reconstituted 1 cup Provident Pantry Freeze Dried Red Bell Pepper, reconstituted ½ cup Provident Pantry Freeze Dried Celery, reconstituted 2 TBS MyChoice Freeze Dried Green Onions, reconstituted ½ cup MyChoice Freeze Dried Mushroom Slices, reconstituted 1 cup reconstituted MyChoice Instant Nonfat Dry Milk 1 TBS Provident Pantry White Flour 1 tsp Cajun seasoning, divided* (or add more to taste) 2 TBS Clarified Butter or Red Feather Canned Butter ½ tsp MyChoice Basil ½ tsp Provident Pantry Iodized Salt 3 cups cooked Provident Pantry Egg Noodle Pasta Parmesan cheese (optional) *You can make your own Cajun seasoning by blending ¼ tsp MyChoice Onion Powder, ¼ tsp MyChoice Garlic Powder, ¼ tsp paprika, ½ tsp Provident Pantry Iodized Salt, and ½ tsp cayenne pepper.
  1. Reconstitute first six ingredients. Drain and reserve excess water
  2. Boil water and cook pasta according to package directions.
  3. In skillet, sauté vegetables in butter and sprinkle with 1/3 of the Cajun seasoning.
  4. In a separate bowl, sprinkle chicken with a little of the Cajun seasoning as well. Add chicken into skillet with vegetables and toss to coat with butter and seasonings.
  5. Mix in basil.
  6. Sprinkle flour over mixture and stir.
  7. Add milk and stir well until thickened. If there is any Cajun seasoning left, add it to the chicken mixture. Taste for seasoning; if it’s not spicy enough for you, add more Cajun seasoning to taste.
  8. If the sauce in the chicken mixture becomes too thick, thin it with a little of the reserved water.
  9. Fold chicken mixture into the cooked noodles.
  10. Add about ½ tsp of salt and mix well.
  11. Top with Parmesan cheese and serve hot.

Here’s What the Emergency Essential’s Team Had to Say

We tried to impress our co-workers with this savory meal and…it worked! After everyone had a taste, check out what they had to say: “This has just the right amount of spice. I never would’ve guessed in a million years that this was from food storage!” --Scotty “Extremely flavorful with a slight kick. I would definitely eat this…” --David “This is a great meal that’s easy and fast to make! It gives you an exotic food storage meal that’s different from the traditional food storage meals.” --Angela “Delicious! It had just a little bit of a kick, but not too spicy. It was just enough to say ‘Mmmm!’ I never thought this would’ve come from food storage.” --Becca “It was good—a little spicy for me—but good.” --Sairey “I love the flavor and the spicy factor wasn’t too high so even though I’m a wuss, I could still handle it—Delicious!” --Sarah Try out this delicious recipe with your food storage to make an impression at any celebration, or just for a flavorful meal at home. Come back and let us know what you think! Also check out these other delicious recipes that will have people coming back for more: Oriental Chicken Salad Food Storage Super Bowl Recipe Roundup Spicy Chicken Chicken A La King Linguini Chicken with Vegetables
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Made this today for lunch, having some 5 yr old chicken laid away, and not able to find meat at the store yesterday, and trying to figure out what to make for lunch! I had frozen onions & peppers, fresh mushrooms, even fresh bamboo shoots, and some milk that was on the verge of going sour. I didn’t use quite as much spice as the recipe called for, and I should have, but I added black pepper. This was a GREAT way to use the dried chicken. Thanks so much!

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