In November, Emergency Essentials worked with the disaster relief organization CharityVision to send supplies to help those affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. With the help, support, and donations from our customers and vendors, CharityVision gathered supplies and flew 14 members of their team to Leyte to construct several makeshift medical clinics. Recently, the CharityVision team sent us an update and a few photos of the work they’re doing in those clinics to help those affected by the typhoon. This photo was taken outside of Ormoc City. CharityVision set up a clinic in this town nine days after Typhoon Haiyan and saw 1,000 people that afternoon. If CharityVision was able to help this many people in just one day, imagine how many more they have helped in the few months they have been there!

Update from the Philippines: Typhoon Haiyan

Currently, CharityVision has raised an estimated $10,000 between donations from Emergency Essentials customers during our CharityVision drive and from several of our product vendors who have donated supplies. Although Typhoon Haiyan happened several months ago, there is still much to do to help the people recover from its impact. CharityVision’s volunteers are working hard to give medical attention to those affected by the typhoon. If you’d like to help, there are several organizations accepting donations and supplies to help those in the Philippines. Make sure to check back on our blog for more updates from CharityVision. And in the mean time . . . Check out the Insight Articles and downloads below to learn about how community involvement can help yourself and others prepare for natural disasters. “Planning for an Emergency Preparing by Developing your Skills
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