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One major struggle during an emergency is the loss of adequate lighting. Loss of power and the subsequent loss of lighting creates a serious safety issue for everyone. Without proper lighting, existing dangers become more extreme. At, we offer a large selection of emergency lighting essentials to fit your every need.

A proper emergency kit should always include several lighting sources. as well as backup batteries in good condition. Every member of the family should have access to a lighting source during a time of emergency to prevent further disasters. Flashlights, candles, and even glowing light sticks will make it easier to see and be seen.

Our inventory includes a variety of lighting tools, such as emergency candles, solar flashlights, lanterns, and light sticks. We even carry hand-crank flashlights, which rarely need battery or light bulb replacements. Many of our light sources offer hours of continuous power for your safety. Several of our lighting devices do more than just provide illumination. They double as a charging device for your USB devices and cell phones.

Choose long-burning candles or reliable flashlights to fit into your emergency backpack or invest in a high-powered lantern for your next camping trip. Worry no more about your preparedness for the next thunderstorm, power outage, or emergency situation.

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