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Emergency Essentials® Emergency Blanket (reflective)

This lightweight and compact blanket fits in any emergency kit or bug out bag. The Emergency Blanket's unique reflective material maintains up to 80% of your radiant body heat to help preserve crucial..

Emergency Essentials® Emergency Sleeping Bag (reflective)

*PLEASE NOTE, THIS ITEM HAS A MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY REQUIREMENT* Keep warm and dry with this handy, pocket-sized, lightweight full-body covering. The emergency sleeping bag is specially designed to r..

18+ Hour Hand and Body Warmer

Add comfort to chilly days and nights and, in an emergency, protect yourself from frostbite with these 18+ hour hand and body warmers. In cold weather, hands and feet are often the first to feel the e..

Emergency Essentials® Emergency Poncho with Hood

Tuck an Emergency Poncho away in your car or backpack and stay dry during sudden storms. Ponchos are a great addition to emergency kits, and they're lightweight and reusable. Each emergency poncho inc..

Emergency Essentials® Reusable Hot Pack

*PLEASE NOTE, THIS ITEM HAS A MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY REQUIREMENT* The Emergency Essentials Reusable Hot Pack is easy to use: just flex the metal disc and knead the pack to intensify the heat. Directio..

Klymit Inertia O Zone™ Sleeping Pad

The Inertia O Zone sets a new standard, inflating in just 4-7 breathes, it’s the perfect sleeping pad for the weight-conscious backpacker. Combining the comfort of the Static line with the weight sav..

Klymit® V Sheet

Save your sleeping pad from all that dirt, sweat, and whatever else you’ve been up to with a fitted sheet that’s as comfortable as it is functional. Made of soft stretch polyester, it provides additio..

Hand, Pocket and Glove Warmers (2 pack)

These hand warmers provide up to 10 hours of continuous warmth-in any place, at any time. Keep several on hand in emergency kits, camping gear, and the trunk of your car. The Hand, Pocket & Glove War..

Emergency Essentials® Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner

The Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner adds extra warmth and softness to your sleeping bag. Adds up to 5-10 degrees of additional warmth to your sleeping bag. The fleece sleeping bag liner zips up just like a..

Emergency Essentials® Tube Tent

*PLEASE NOTE, THIS ITEM HAS A MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY REQUIREMENT* Set up your shelter quickly with the Emergency Tube Tent. It's the most basic tent made, and it's an essential item for your 72-hour k..

Emergency Essentials® Wool/Synthetic Blanket

Wrap up and keep warm during all of your outdoor adventures with the Wool/Synthetic Blanket. Get instant warmth with this comfy, breathable blanket. Wool is naturally water-resistant, keeping you drie..

SOL Emergency Bivvy

An ultra-light, ultra-portable, warm, emergency shelter. This SOL Emergency Bivvy is waterproof and reflects 90% of your body heat to protect you from the cold, wind, and rain. This compact, reusable..

5' Propane Hose Assembly for Mr. Heater™

This hose connects Mr. Heater and other portable appliances to 20 lb. propane tanks. Use this 5’ propane hose along with the Fuel Filter(not included), to convert your Portable Buddy™ or Big Buddy..

12’ Propane Hose Assembly for MR. HEATER™

This hose connects Mr. Heater and other portable appliances to 20 lb. propane tanks. Use this 12’ propane hose along with the Fuel Filter(not included), to convert your Portable Buddy™ or Big Budd..

TETON Sports 0° F XXL Sleeping Bag

The Celsius XXL -18°C/°0F is an extra-roomy sleeping bag with a durable taffeta shell and a brushed flannel lining which feels like soft bed sheets. At 90" long and 39" wide, this spacious sleeping ba..

Klymit® KSB 0˚ Down Sleeping Bag

The Klymit® KSB 0˚ Down Sleeping Bag is exceptionally warm, stuffed with a 650 fill-power white duck down for maximum insulation and warmth. Ideal for cold, winter camping, this sleeping bag keeps you..
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Emergency Heat Source & Warming | Sleeping Bags & Tents


Keeping your body warm during an emergency or survival situation is vital to staying safe. BePrepared.com offers a wide range of warming items to ensure you can retain body heat when temperatures are plummeting. Heating sources are also necessary for warmth and gives you the ability to prepare food and water in a crisis.

Basic hand warmers and reflective sleeping bags are a must for any emergency survival kit. Designed to store easily in a backpack, these tools for warmth will keep you toasty when conditions turn cold. Bring them along on your next camping or hiking trip to prevent drops in body temperature and hypothermia. Camping blankets are an affordable way to stay warm in cold weather. Made of breathable materials, moisture won’t get trapped against your body and you’ll stay dry and warm.

Invest in our high-quality Firestarter materials for your next outdoor adventure. Whether you are enjoying a night by the campfire or find yourself in an emergency situation, you’ll have a reliable fuel source for staying warm regardless of the weather conditions. Fire-starting materials are also important for ensuring your food can be heated and water can be boiled for safe drinking.

BePrepared.com also stocks portable propane heaters, safe for indoor or outdoor use. These portable heaters will provide a reliable heating source for everyone in your household during power outages and other emergencies.

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