N95 Particulate Filtering Mask (Individual)

  • N95 Particulate Filtering Mask (Individual)
  • N95 Particulate Filtering Mask (Individual)
  • Brand: Emergency Essentials®

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Protect yourself against viral infections, blood, and microorganisms exhaled by others and other particles in the air. This N95 mask is for single use only so be sure to stock up so you and your family have plenty to help you stay safe during an emergency, while working on home projects, or in a medical or industrial facility. The upper edge of the N95 mask forms to fit snugly against the contours of your nose and cheeks, and the split head strap keeps the N95 mask on more securely for better protection.

These latex-free masks have been designed for infection control practices and have been approved by NIOSH and the CDC.
Brand Emergency Essentials®

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