Fire Evacuation Mask

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Fire Burns, But Smoke Kills!

Don’t face fire and smoke without the Fire Evacuation Mask.

Up to 80 percent of home-fire deaths are from smoke inhalation. That’s why everyone in your family needs a Fire Evacuation Mask. When your safety is on the line, make sure you have the lifesaving protection you need to make a quick exit from fire danger.

60 Minutes of Clean Air – Blocks smoke, toxic fumes, and gases for up to 60 minutes.

Five-Layer Protection – Filters are made from five protective layers.

  • Fiberglass to filter dust and gas
  • Activated carbon to filter dust and water
  • Oxidizer to filter CO, HCN, and other harmful fumes and gasses
  • Another layer of fiberglass to filter dust and gas
  • Cotton to filter smoke
  • EN 403 certified

Heat Resistant – Hood keeps you safer from radiant heat while you escape danger.

Clear Visor – Keep your line of vision clear during evacuation.

Reflective Material – Helps first responders identify you.

Five-Year Shelf Life – Industry-leading longevity for peace of mind if the time comes.

This Fire Evacuation Mask fits nearly everyone from adults to children as young as four years old.

Get the ultimate peace of mind. Get your Fire Evacuation Mask.

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