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Mountain House® Breakfast Assortment Bucket (16 pouches)

Hello delicious! Wake up to steaming breakfast entrées with the convenience of just-add water preparation with the Mountain House® Breakfast Assortment Bucket. Give in to the temptation of these flavo..

Gluten-Free Mountain House® Meals and HydroHeat® Cooker

The ability to quickly prepare a hot meal during an emergency is very important. This bundle has what you need to make that happen. You’ll have three varieties of hearty Mountain House meals, plus a H..

Mountain House® 3-Month Supply of Entrées

This 3-Month Supply of Mountain House Entrées for one person is packed with 24 cans and 17 meal varieties including 5 varieties of hearty breakfast meals (6 cans), 6 varieties of chicken entrées (12 c..

Mountain House® 30-Day Supply of Entrées

Real Ingredients. Real Delicious Thick, hearty chili mac. Stroganoff in a mushroom-cream sauce with tender slices of beef. A savory breakfast skillet loaded with hash browns, pork sausage, and eggs th..

Mountain House® Classic Assortment (12 pouches)

Let your family eat comfortably when disaster strikes with these classic freeze-dried meals. The Mountain House® Classic Assortment offers the convenience of just-add-water meals and the delicious fl..

Mountain House® Essential Assortment (12 pouches)

The Mountain House® Essential Assortment offers the convenience of just-add-water meals and the delicious flavors of Mountain House entrées. Includes four pouches each of Rice & Chicken, Chili Mac, an..

Mountain House® Diced Chicken - 17 oz

Cooked and diced chicken. Use in any recipe requiring cooked chicken - a great source of protein. The Mountain House Diced Chicken is a great addition to your recipes such as: stew, soups, marinara an..

Mountain House® Scrambled Eggs with Bacon (1.5 Servings)

This is way easier than packing in eggs on your next backpacking trip. Way easier to clean up too! All you need to make these tasty scrambled eggs with bacon is add hot water and in a few minutes you’..

Mountain House® Pilot Crackers - 30.58 oz

Pilot bread crackers are the perfect delicious addition to any long-term food storage. They will last for many years and go well with every entrée offered by Mountain House. Eat them with our stews, o..

Mountain House® Biscuits and Gravy (2 Servings)

Now you can have this classic comfort food anywhere your adventure takes you. Made with real buttermilk biscuit pieces and pork patty crumbles in a perfectly peppered gravy. This is the only biscuits ..

Mountain House® 6-Month Supply of Entrées

This 48-can entree combo delivers 8 varieties of delicious main dishes to help supplement your 6-month food supply. Includes options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this supply of Mountain House ent..

Mountain House® Fusilli Pasta with Italian Sausage (2 Servings)

We've captured Nonna's secret homemade recipe and it's ready to savor on your next adventure! No added MSG, no artificial flavors or colors, and no preservatives. This dish is made with spun fusilli ..

Mountain House® Breakfast Skillet (2 Servings)

Hash browns, scrambled eggs mixed with pork sausage, peppers and onions for breakfast while backpacking? Yes please! One of our most popular breakfast items to bring along on the trail, or to put in t..

Mountain House® Granola with Milk and Blueberries (2 Servings)

Perfect with hot or cold water, our Granola and Blueberries has fueled everyone from United States Special Forces to explorers on Antarctic expeditions, and everywhere in between. Made with crunchy gr..

Mountain House® Scrambled Eggs with Ham and Red and Green Peppers (2 Servings)

"What’s better than a hearty breakfast of real scrambled eggs, ham red and green peppers? One that is a cinch to cook! This is the perfect backpacking breakfast. Super easy to prepare wherever your a..

Mountain House® Beef Stroganoff with Noodles (2.5 Servings)

Mountain House Beef Stroganoff is hands down one of the most popular meals we make. Made with real pieces of tender beef and savory mushrooms and onions in a creamy sauce, one bite will make you a bel..
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