Be Prepared With Tools

Make Your Job Easier

When you plant shrubs, you use a spade to dig the hole. When you build a tree house you use a hammer and nails. Every job has its special tools that make the task easier than working without them. The same applies to emergency situations. When disaster strikes, having the proper tools will help you weather the storm much more comfortably.

Sometimes, however, knowing which tools to use for specific tasks can be a bit tricky. But with a bit of information under your belt, you’ll know which tools you need, including when and how to use them. The following is a list of a few of the emergency tools you should be familiar with.

Gas Wrench

Store a gas wrench near your gas meter for easy access. Due to safety concerns, a professional is required to turn on your gas meter once it gets turned off, so do not shut it off unless you hear or smell gas.

Bung Wrench

If you have water stored in barrels, you’ll need a way to get into the barrel. Bung wrenches will make the job quick and easy, without much effort on your part.


Knives can be used for anything from carving a bowl, to cutting your food, to opening a stubborn package. Make sure you know how to use one safely, and remember to keep your knife clean and sharp, and always practice proper safety precautions. The last thing you need in an emergency is an unnecessary knife wound.


Having a hatchet or axe is an essential tool in times when you need to gather wood for a fire. Many hatchets and axes also come with other useful features that are helpful in an emergency situation. The Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Elite is a great example of this.

Bucket Openers

You may have your emergency food storage contained in large food grade buckets with lids. Having a bucket opener on hand means you’ll avoid the struggle of opening those sealed lids. Instead of a frustrating tussle, a quick flick of the wrist will get the job done quickly and easily.


With so many uses, shovels can be your best friend in an emergency. From digging latrines to redirecting streams and other ground work, having a shovel on hand can help you with many of your everyday needs.


Disasters can wreak havoc on your home and neighborhood. Saws can help you cut the problems down to size. By having either a pocket saw or a full-size one, you’ll be able to cut fallen trees into moveable chunks, or even use it to cut logs for a nice fire. A saw can also be an effective aid in building your own shelter should you be lost in the wild. Pocket saws can fit nicely into your emergency kits for easy access.