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Pandemic Supplies and Kits

The new Coronavirus is a wake-up call to Be Prepared for any emergency, including a pandemic.

A pandemic emergency can occur anywhere in the world. Whenever a new strain of disease makes an appearance, it can quickly spread from person to person. Such an outbreak poses severe health risks to all people, especially those with low or no immunity to new strains of disease. Being prepared for a pandemic emergency, whether it be the flu or pneumonia, can protect the health of you and your family. Protect yourself from infectious diseases by having a pandemic emergency kit ready to go when you need it most.

Vital supplies for a pandemic emergency include a respirator mask, water purification tablets, anti-bacterial towelettes and other personal hygiene products necessary for living through a potential quarantine. But gear is not the only type of supply necessary for these situations. When it is unsafe to go out you'll need a long-term supply of food and water. Emergency Essentials helps families do more than survive a pandemic - we help you thrive. Emergencies are times when you most need energy, health and confidence - just what Emergency Essential products have provided families for over thirty years. 

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