72 Hour Kit ~ Premium Gourmet Meals (9 Pouches, 18 servings) by Beyond Outdoor Meals

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Stranded in the car, wandering in the wilderness, or preparing for another emergency, adding our all-new 72-Hour Kit by Beyond Outdoor Meals is critical to completing your preparedness checklist.

These pre-made freeze-dried meals cook right in the pouch! Go above and beyond your average emergency food.

Here are the flavorful food varieties included in this bundle: 

  • (2) Breakfast Skillet Pouch by Beyond Outdoor Meals: This beloved breakfast blend of sausage, eggs, potatoes, bell peppers, and onions — all smothered in rich cheddar cheese — will make your mouth water.

  • (1) Biscuits & Gravy Pouch by Beyond Outdoor Meals: This hearty breakfast favorite is made from fluffy and flaky biscuits mixed with a creamy and savory sausage gravy.

  • (1) Orange Chicken Pouch by Beyond Outdoor Meals: This Asian-inspired favorite features juicy chicken chunks and wholesome white rice mixed with a mouthwatering sauce.

  • (1) Chicken Alfredo Pouch by Beyond Outdoor Meals: Made with our winning mix of al dente pasta, tender chicken chunks, and cheesy Alfredo sauce, you can count on this classic combination for fuel on an adventure.

  • (1) Chili Mac by Beyond Outdoor Meals: This comforting mix offers tender macaroni noodles and savory, succulent beef smothered with a chunky, seasoned chili sauce.

  • (1) Beef Stroganoff Pouch by Beyond Outdoor Meals: Enjoy a combination of real beef, mushrooms, and onions slathered in a rich beef sauce — made from real red wine and cream — for a satisfying meal wherever you go.

  • (1) Chicken Mac and Cheese by Beyond Outdoor Meals: Made with real chicken breasts, loads of sharp cheddar cheese, and a saucy-not-soupy consistency, this hearty blend provides ample protein to fuel your every adventure.

  • (1) Tuscan Sausage Pasta Pouch by Beyond Outdoor Meals: A perfect balance of savory Italian sausage, cavatappi pasta, and chopped spinach covered in a rich parmesan cream sauce.

Yup... They Really Are THAT Delicious!

Not to brag, but these are the BEST-TASTING freeze-dried meals you'll ever have the pleasure of eating, but don't take our word for it. Here's what Beyond Outdoor Meal customers are saying:

  • OH LAWDY! - "I'm a Southerner- and oh my those biscuits n gravy must have come from Georgia - they are that good! Have mercy! They really are just as if Grand mamma made em!"
  • EXCELLENT CHICKEN ALFREDO- "I tried the Chicken Allfredo and it is REALLY good! It says 2 servings but, I ate the whole bag myself."
  • WONDERFUL ADDITION: ORANGE CHICKEN - "I was actually impressed as to how well the Orange Chicken tasted. The flavor is not overbearing, the rice was cooked thoroughly and the chicken rehydrated nice and soft. I had my wife (who is Filipina btw and knows her way around real orange chicken and rice) and she also impressed with how tasty it was."



When it comes to emergency preparedness, every detail counts—especially the meals you stock up on.

Beyond Outdoor Meals are more than just meals; they’re a source of comfort and energy when you need it more than ever before.

  • Freeze-Dried & Prepares In-Pouch – Just add boiling water right inside the pouch, stir, then let it sit for a few minutes. You’ll think that meal is homemade!
  • Loaded with Calories – Each pouch is packed with 710 calories, infusing you with the energy you need to tackle challenges in crisis. Get more calories and more food per dollar than other freeze-dried in-pouch meals.
  • Packed with Protein – Finish up your meal feeling strengthened and sustained with a whopping amount of protein per pouch.
  • Long Shelf Life – These meals are easy to prepare and offer a shelf life of up to 10 years!
  • Bang for Your Buck – All these benefits and no broken banks! Beyond Outdoor Meals equips you for emergencies at an unbeatable value. (Go ahead and compare costs to our competitors!)

Whether you're preparing for an extended power outage, emergency evacuations, or any other disaster, you can count on the pre-made freeze-dried meals in this 72-Hour Kit by Beyond Outdoor Meals.

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