Bota Bag (1 Liter) by Ready Hour


Tradition Meets Modern Convenience: The Bota Bag by Ready Hour

Whether it’s an emergency, hiking trip, or outdoor family outing, you need to stay hydrated. The Bota Bag by Ready Hour brings the trusted wisdom of old-world designs to the hydration needs of today.

  • Holds up to one liter of your preferred beverage
  • Crafted with genuine leather and bolstered with a protective latex lining
  • Ensures your beverage keeps its original flavor
  • Designed with a convenient, braided shoulder strap and airtight seal
  • Lightweight and flexible for easy packing and carry
  • BPA-free

Tried and True Design

Drawing inspiration from the time-tested Spanish wine skin, the bota bag was the preferred hydration method for centuries. This Ready Hour rendition combines the traditional leather exterior with a modern latex lining for added durability and protection.

Preserves the Taste

This Bota Bag's latex lining is less reactive than metal or plastic which makes sure you get to experience your beverage as intended—without any unwanted flavors or contaminants. 

Carry It Anywhere

More lightweight and flexible than many plastic and metal canteen options, this Bota Bag is easy to carry and store in backpacks and emergency kits.

Ample Storage

You should never venture into the outdoors without a reliable hydration source.

This Bota Bag holds up to one liter of liquid and makes it easy to carry with a braided shoulder strap. Perfect for a day trip or hike, and easy to grab during an emergency!

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