Emergency Hand Warmers (4-Pack)

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The Pocket Sauna That Lasts for Hours!

Sometimes the warmest jacket CAN’T DO THE JOB ALONE!

For times like these, you’ll be glad to have a Ready Hour Hand Warmer.

  • 24 Hours of Warmth per Four-Pack
  • Get Warm. Get Safe. Heats to Temps of 140°F to 155°F
  • No Need to Crunch or Shake. Activates When Exposed to Air
  • Made from Natural Components: Salt, Water, Charcoal, & Iron Powder
  • Three-Year Shelf Life
  • Safe & Odorless

Keep These Everywhere for Quick Grab-&-Go Warmth!

These hand warmers are an easy fit in a glove box, dresser drawer, or go-bag for instant warmth wherever you are.

Their small size means they won’t take up precious space. Stock up on several for emergency situations!

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