Emergency Hand Warmers (Four 4-Packs, Total of 16 Warmers) by Ready Hour


The Pocket Sauna That Lasts for Hours

Sometimes the warmest jacket CAN’T DO THE JOB ALONE

For times like these, give yourself an extra boost of heat with Ready Hour Emergency Hand Warmers.

  • 24 Hours of Warmth per Four-Pack
  • Includes FOUR 4-packs (total of 16 warmers)
  • Get Warm. Get Safe. Heats to Temps of 140°F to 155°F
  • No Need to Crunch or Shake. Activates When Exposed to Air
  • Made from Natural Components: Salt, Water, Charcoal, & Iron Powder
  • Three-Year Shelf Life
  • Safe & Odorless

Keep These Everywhere for Quick Grab-&-Go Warmth

These hand warmers are an easy fit in a glove box, dresser drawer, or go-bag for instant warmth wherever you are.

Their small size means they won’t take up precious space. And with a bundle of 16, you have plenty to tuck away wherever you might need them.

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