Emergency Sewing Kit by Ready Hour

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Even a small tear in your clothes, shelter, or bug-out bag can escalate into a full-blown crisis in an emergency. Don't let Mother Nature catch you unprepared!

Ready Hour's Emergency Sewing Kit is more than just needles and thread. It's a carefully curated selection of ultra-resilient tools designed to keep you ready for anything.

This Kit’s Got You Covered—Not Matter What

Our prep experts have really gone the extra mile, thinking through every possible disaster and making sure there's a tool in the kit to handle it.

  • 2 Large Sewing Needles: These sturdy needles can handle a variety of materials, making your repair jobs a breeze.
  • 4 Assorted Buttons: Lost a button? We've got you covered with replacements.
  • 4 Safety Pins (2 Large, 2 Medium): Perfect for quick fixes like securing a tear, these safety pins are worth their weight in gold.
  • 1 Pair of Scissors: Cut through thread or fabric easily with these sharp scissors.
  • 1 Rubber Thimble: Keep your fingers safe while sewing. This rubber thimble makes pushing needles through fabric easy.
  • 1 Tape Measure: Essential for precise repairs, this tape measure will also come in handy for other survival needs.
  • 2 Sets of Circle Snaps (4 Pieces): Missing a button? These circle snaps are a quick fix for fastening clothes.
  • 1 Pants Clasp (2 Pieces): Keep your pants in place with this handy replacement clasp.
  • 1 Needle Threader: Thread needles with ease using this practical tool.
  • 1 White Thread Roll, 1 Black Thread Roll, 2 Green Thread Rolls, 2 Dark Gray Thread Rolls: With a variety of thread colors, including heavy-duty dark gray, you're ready for any repair job.
  • 1 Thread Picker: Made a mistake? This tool makes removing unwanted stitches a cinch.
  • 2 Straight Pins: Keep your fabric steady while sewing with these straight pins.
  • 2 Curved Needles (3 and 4 cm): These needles are a game-changer for repairing gear like backpacks and tents, something many emergency sewing kits lack.

Ready Hour's Emergency Sewing Kit: There's Nothing Else Like It

This kit is packed with tools you just won't find in other kits.

  • Heavy-Duty – While most kits come with regular thread, this kit includes dark gray upholstery-grade thread. This stronger thread is perfect for heavier materials or tougher sewing tasks.
  • Sew through Canvas – Includes curved upholstery needles not found in most basic kits. They're great for sewing through thick or challenging materials like backpacks or tents.
  • Complex Sewing Tasks – A tool often missing in many kits, the thread picker included in Ready Hour's Emergency Sewing Kit removes unwanted stitches.
  • Easy to Carry – The kit comes in a compact gray canvas pouch with a belt clip, making it a breeze to carry around.
  • Versatile – The kit includes white, black, army green, and dark gray thread spools. This range of colors, not always found in other kits, can be very useful for matching different materials.

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