G2O Replacement Water Filter

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Keep Your G2O Water Bottle Going Strong

Is your G2O Water Bottle filter on its last leg? Let filtered water flow more freely with a brand-new G2O Replacement Filter.

  • Verified to reduce contaminants: ≥99.99% of viruses, ≥99.9% of parasites, and ≥99.9999% of bacteria*
  • Reduces chlorine, VOCs, microplastics, and harmful chemicals
  • Improves taste, odor, color, and clarity
  • Filters up to 120 gallonsthat’s 750 refills
  • Quick and easy to replace

Enjoy Cleaner, Safer, and Delicious Water—Anytime, Anywhere

From the tap in your kitchen to a rocky canyon stream, this filter will reduce:

Bacteria, bad taste, chemicals, chlorine, microbial parasites, microorganisms, odors, viruses, and more!

Packaging Doubles as a Cup. That’s VALUE!

DO NOT THROW AWAY THE PACKAGING. G2O Replacement Filter packaging doubles as an Emergency Water Kit! To use it, simply:

  • Open the resealable pouch.
  • Attach the straw and mouthpiece to the filter.
  • Collect water in the pouch.
  • Use the filter as a straw to drink from the pouch.

This convenient, self-contained, and low-cost water solution is a small emergency item that can make a big impact!

Add ‘em to your grab-and-go bags, emergency kits, and stick them in your car or RV. Wherever you may need water, one of these filters should follow.

Replace Quickly and Easily

  1. Remove cap from bottle and screw out used filter.
  2. Open packaging and attach new straw to barbed end of new filter.
  3. Screw new filter snugly into cap.
  4. Fill bottle with water.
  5. Insert new filter into bottle, tighten cap, then open dust cap to expose bite valve.
  6. To drink, bite and suck bite valve while firmly squeezing bottle.


  • Dimensions: 5.88" x 1.4" x 1.4"
  • Weight: 0.17 pounds (77 grams)
  • Flow rate: .05 to .16 gallons per minute (189 to 605 milliliters per minute)
  • Filter life: 120 gallons (454 liters)
  • Storage temperature: 35°F to 120°F


    *Meets or exceeds US EPA Microbiological Purifier Test standard for the reduction of viruses, bacteria, and cysts in EPA Type 1 test water.

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