Multi-Function Paracord (100 ft.)

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This 10-Strand Paracord Belongs In Your Bug-Out Bag.

Includes three “specialty” strands you DON’T GET with other paracords.

Paracord – short for “parachute cord” – is a survivalist’s secret weapon that can help you perform a wide variety of tasks when you’re in the great outdoors, such as:

• Fishing
• Hunting
• Starting fires
• Fastening and securing gear
• Making slings
• Applying sutures
• Mending and sewing
• Building a shelter
• and much more!

The secret is inside: namely the three specialty strands you DON’T GET with other paracords on the market:

Waterproof Tinder Line – Lets you light a fire even in wet, soggy conditions

40-lb Test Polyethylene Fishing Line – Strong enough to catch BIG fish, and versatile enough for pan fish

Absorbent Cotton Line – Flexible enough for mending and sewing

PLUS, Nylon Line – Seven nylon strands that can handle just about any task you face

Best of all, Ready Hour Paracord is resistant to mold, mildew, and rot.

It’s a fact: Not all paracord is created equal.

Ready Hour Multi-Function Paracord is the ONLY one you should rely on.

Make sure it’s in your bug-out bag.

You’ll need it someday.

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