TenKara Fishing Pole with Fly Kit by Ready Hour

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TenKara Fishing Pole with Fly Kit by Ready Hour

Effortless Emergency Fishing

In times of emergency, fishing can be a critical survival skill, especially if you're not a seasoned survivalist. But what do you do if you’ve never fished before?

Meet our BRAND-NEW solution: the collapsible TenKara Fishing Pole with Fly Kit by Ready Hour.

Simple and User-Friendly

Our TenKara Fishing Pole has a collapsible design that's perfect for both beginners and experts. No need for complex spooling, reeling, or knot-tying. Just extend the pole, attach the pre-set leader with an easy loop connection, tie on a fly, and you're ready to fish. 

Need an even faster solution? This pole allows for immediate fishing, crucial in emergency situations. Just extend, cast, and start fishing, then collapse it back when moving to safety.

Complete and Compact

Uncertain about fishing gear? We've included everything: flies, line, and more, simplifying your preparation process.

Even better? There’s no need for bulky tackle boxes or incredibly long poles! Our TenKara Fishing Pole fits right in your emergency backpack with tackle that takes up minimal space.

Lasting Quality

Constructed from high-quality carbon fiber, this pole is both sturdy for diverse conditions and light enough for easy transport.

Adaptable for Multiple Fishing Styles  

Whether it's fly fishing by the river or shore fishing, this pole—extending up to nine feet and ten inches—is perfect for both!


  • Extendable to nine feet and ten inches
  • Collapses for easy storage
  • Made from durable carbon fiber
  • Includes a pre-spooled leader and selection of six effective flies
  • Patent-pending design

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