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Emergency Essentials® Super Supply of Freeze-Dried Meats

Super charge your emergency food storage with these 12 cans of mouth-watering, protein packed meats. Bringing you five unique kinds of meat, you won't be hurting for meal options any time soon. Meat i..

Emergency Essentials® Year Supply Component: Meats

Meat is an essential part of any emergency food storage, and this Year Supply of Meat Add-Ons increases the length and variety of your existing year supply. Meat is an excellent source of protein, whi..

Mountain House® Breakfast Assortment Bucket (16 pouches)

Hello delicious! Wake up to steaming breakfast entrées with the convenience of just-add water preparation with the Mountain House® Breakfast Assortment Bucket. Give in to the temptation of these flavo..

Mountain House® Cheesecake Bites

Cheesecake lovers, rejoice! With these new Cheesecake Bites from Mountain House® you can always have that delicious dessert no matter where you are. Freeze-dried and ready to store for up to 2 years, ..

Emergency Essentials® Freeze-Dried Berry Dices

Emergency Essentials® new trio of freeze-dried berries—strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries—are ready to enjoy straight from the can, whether for next week’s family gathering or in an emergency ..
Emergency Essentials® Freeze-Dried Blueberry & Yogurt Bites

Emergency Essentials® Freeze-Dried Blueberry & Yogurt Bites

Here’s proof that “100% Natural” can also have a 25-year shelf life—not to mention a satisfyingly delicious crunch no matter when you choose to eat it. Emergency Essentials has combined freeze-dried, ..
Emergency Essentials® Freeze-Dried Strawberry & Yogurt Bites Can

Emergency Essentials® Freeze-Dried Strawberry & Yogurt Bites

Here’s proof that “100% Natural” can also have a 25-year shelf life—not to mention a satisfyingly delicious crunch no matter when you choose to eat it. Emergency Essentials has combined freeze-dried, ..

Heirloom Garden Seeds Pouch

Includes  20 jumbo packets of 100% non-GMO premium quality long term storage seed varieties. These seeds are ideal for planting a garden now or years from now. ..

Mountain House® Breakfast Skillet (1 Serving)

Hash browns, scrambled eggs mixed with pork sausage, peppers and onions for breakfast while backpacking? Yes please! One of our most popular breakfast items to bring along on the trail, or to put in t..

Augason Farms® 1-Year 4-Person Emergency Shelter-in-Place Food Supply Kit with Water Storage

Emergency Food Supply with Wheat Grinder Whether meals are prepared in an emergency situation or enjoyed as everyday meals, this 1-Year Food Supply for four people provides everything you need to pre..

Augason Farms® 1-Year 1-Person Emergency Shelter-in-Place Food Supply Kit with Water Storage

Emergency Food Supply with Wheat Grinder: When Augason Farms develops a 1-year food supply it’s with nutrition, flavor and variety in mind. This kit has all of those things with over 5,300 servings, ..

Augason Farms® 1-Year 1-Person Premium Emergency Shelter-in-Place Food Supply Kit with Water Storage

QSS-Certified Food:  With a QSS™-Certified Food Supply*, you’re guaranteed to have a minimum of 1,800 calories and 40 grams of protein per person, per day. In fact, this emergency fo..

Emergency Essentials® Freeze-Dried Meat Assortment Combo

Keep your meals exciting with different varieties of meat in this Freeze-Dried Meat Assortment Combo. Eating the same food day after day can get pretty old really fast. That's why we're offering this ..
Augason Farms® 1-Year 1-Person Ultimate Emergency Preparedness Food Supply Kit with Water Storage

Augason Farms® 1-Year 1-Person Ultimate Emergency Preparedness Food Supply Kit with Water Storage

This 1-Year 1-Person Emergency Food Supply checks off virtually all of the grocery-list items you could need…or want…to have on hand in an emergency. Fruits, vegetables, meats, proteins, wheats, grain..

Emergency Essentials® Chili with Beans & Beef

Made with 100% real beef, Chili with Beans & Beef is a meal that will stick to your bones. It cooks up fast by simply adding water and simmering. Within minutes, you have an extra-hearty bowl of thick..

Emergency Essentials® Spaghetti with Pork Sausage

Made with 100% real pork sausage, Spaghetti with Pork Sausage will satisfy any craving for a hearty Italian meal. If you love Italian food in your day-to-day life, you’ll appreciate this easy-to-prepa..
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There are a number of reasons you should consider establishing an emergency food supply: severe weather emergencies, earthquakes, evacuations, a pandemic, terrorist attack, or even a sudden and unexpected job loss. Each of these situations can trigger the need for emergency food rations. Having a proper food storage supply will sustain you and your household when grocery shopping just isn’t possible. As part of every emergency plan, individuals and families need to prepare for the ‘worst case scenario’ and ensure they have access to shelter, water, food, and other basic essentials.

Whether it’s a natural disaster, job loss, or accident, there are plenty of incidents that can make it difficult to obtain food. That’s where having an emergency food storage comes into play. By having an emergency food storage, you’ll have the food you need no matter what is happening around you.

Choose from a wide variety of options, including fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, and more. Go ahead and shop by category, such as freeze-dried and dehydrated, or shop by brands such as Emergency Essentials® and Mountain House®. With these amazing products and unbeatable prices you can afford to pack your pantry and be prepared for just about anything life throws your way!


Food storage options of today offer more variety than ever. Emergency food supplies are available in both freeze-dried and dehydrated forms. They include high-quality foods such as meats, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, drink mixes, and snacks from brands like Emergency Essentials® and Mountain House®. All survival food products are designed for long term storage.

To ensure emergency food supplies will meet the needs of your household, offers several affordable options to help build your food foundation, including bulk pricing, 3-6-12 month food supplies, food combo packages, and even monthly plans. With a broad selection of entrées, desserts, and drinks, you are sure to find appetizing emergency foods suited to your survival plan and taste buds.

All food packages and pouches are easy to store and transport. Emergency food supplies are also the perfect addition to your outdoor recreation gear. Store complete meals in your backpack, with your camping gear, or in your vehicle for quick access to healthy, nutritious meals.

Start building your emergency food supply today and be assured you are prepared for any emergency. Enjoy gourmet foods of your choice and rely on our high-quality food storage containers and accessories as part of your emergency plan.


You probably already have a short-term supply of food in your pantry. In North America it’s common to get enough food to last a week (or more) each time you go to the grocery store.

You probably don’t think of that “extra” food as survival food, but that extra can be the beginning of your food storage pantry. The food in your pantry may help you get by for a short period of time if you can’t get to the store. A three-day supply of short-term “food storage” in the pantry is typical for most households. What you need to focus on now is expanding your food storage supply.

If you live in an urban area and survive by eating out almost every meal, think about building up at least a week’s supply of short-term food you can throw in the cupboards. Also take a look at our article Prepping in an Urban Setting for tips and suggestions for urban preparedness. (Quick tip: MREs and Mountain House pouches don’t take up a lot of room, but they deliver a lot of flavor and nutrition when a disaster makes eating out or hitting up the grocery store impossible.)


It can be difficult to find foods that are properly packaged for long-term storage. That’s where Emergency Essentials comes in. We stand by our packaging; we use BPA-free, food-grade plastics, double-enameled, stainless steel metal, and metallized bags that are air-tight and water-tight. Our freeze dried meals and dehydrated foods can last up to 25 years when kept in proper storage conditions (stand-alone pouches and MREs excepted). That means that unlike those cans of tuna fish and sardines, you don’t have to rotate your SuperPails, Emergency Essentials cans, and just-add-water meals. MREs and pouches not stored in airtight buckets have a shelf life of around 7 years if kept in proper storage conditions.


You may not have thought to add seasonings, heirloom seeds, or sprouting seeds to your long-term food storage and emergency plan. It’s ok to approach emergency food as basic survival food, but we think you should enjoy what you eat during an extended disaster situation! Seasonings, packaged for long-term storage, are just the thing to perk up a post-disaster meal. And having heirloom seeds stored means that you’ll be able to plant a garden and have your own fresh veggies. Sprouting seeds are your food storage’s under-appreciated super hero. Sprouting seeds need very little space, no dirt, and in less than a week you can grow your own nutrient-packed, fresh vegetable. How’s that for handy? Including these items goes a long way to making your food storage go farther. Sprouts will also give you something like a salad in a disaster if you don’t grow your own lettuce.


All food storage should be kept in cool, dark, dry places. If you can maintain a 76°F temperature (or lower) your food storage will last for its maximum shelf life—up to 25 years!


Calories are a crucial factor in your food storage planning. To determine your family’s food storage needs, think first in terms of calories per person per day, and then in terms of nutrients (protein, vitamins and minerals) provided—and finally, in terms of cost per serving. Measuring servings isn’t reliable because a cup of orange drink, a cup of beef stroganoff, a tablespoon of butter, and a quarter teaspoon of salt all count as a "serving." Depending upon the food choices, a person could consume three servings a day and only get 600 calories!

In high-stress situations we require more calories than usual to operate in peak condition. According to the government’s dietary guidelines, under normal situations most adults need around 2,000 to 2,600 calories per day—more if very active or highly stressed. Children usually need 1,500 to 1,600 calories per day, but remember that they are growing, and by the time you need to use your emergency food supply they may be eating like adults! Read more about food storage and caloric needs.


Emergency Essentials is here to change the assumption that storage food is the stuff your Aunt Edna dusts off for family camping trips. Yes, survival food is a great option for camping food, and for keeping in your survival kits. But our selection of gourmet, freeze dried foods are also aimed to improve your quality of life, especially during an emergency or extended disaster situation. They are delicious and provide crucial nutrients in difficult and stressful times.

So whether you’re looking for canned food storage, MREs, sprouting seeds, a wheat grinder, or a dehydrator, Emergency Essentials has it all. With a little preparation, plus some freeze dried and dehydrated food, you can build a strong food storage pantry of your own.

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