Emergency Essentials® 6-Gallon Bucket with White Gamma Seal Lid


Gamma Seal® Lid - Blue


Gamma Seal® Lid - Red

Emergency Essentials® 6-Gallon Bucket with White Gamma Seal Lid

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Store six gallons of your favorite staples and be able to access them easily! This stackable, food-grade plastic, six-gallon bucket comes with a re-sealable, screw-top Gamma Seal Lid. The Gamma Seal Lid is THE solution to accessible food storage. It transforms the 6-gallon bucket into an airtight and leak-proof storage container. The Gamma Seal Lid is interchangeable for most 3.5 to 7 gallon buckets, including the 20 liter. With this combo you'll be able to rotate your food storage easily, without breaking nails or pinching fingers -- that's a benefit for any food storage foodie!

Shelf Life & Servings
Approx. Weight 3.58 lbs
Other Information
Brand Emergency Essentials®
Contents 6-Gallon Bucket with White Gamma Seal Lid
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