Baby Steps: Preparedness Teams

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The last couple of weeks our baby steps have focused on building a preparedness group, network, or team. This week we’re continuing on with that same topic, plus some baby steps on other topics that we’ll post later today. This article has some great ideas for putting a preparedness group or team together: 

To begin to look at the team, you have to ask yourself what elements are needed in order to survive (and hopefully thrive) during and after any crisis. Then, it’s a simple matter of finding people who can fulfill the joint objectives of the team. In our lengthy design, we came up with the following elements (we call domains), which are now the core instruction at Ready 5:

Situation Awareness, Planning, Communications, Mobility, Practical Fitness, Food and Water, Medicine, Shelter, Equipment, Personal Protection, Financial, Preparedness, and Enduring Mindset

Read the rest of the article “Strength in Numbers: Building a Preparedness Team” here.

We’ll be back later with more baby steps!

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  • First of all, I buy all of my Supplies from Emergency Essentials!! With that said, I like the idea of educating ppl and getting teams together. I have tried a number of ways of approaching the subject in conversation. However, everyone, that I have talked to be it family or friends and even strangers about being prepared, think that it’s a wasteful idea. The word crazy has come up a few times. I think that is a shame. These ppl are also the ones who go running, To the Prepared ppl for emergencies. It’s sometimes tedious and exhausting dealing with them. I wish that there were some sort of pill that could wake ppl up because disasters in their backyard and around the world don’t seem to be doing the trick. Also, it gets a lil scary because you don’t want to let these ppl know that you have supplies for a number or reasons; mainly for your life! ……….. I don’t know what the solution is in making ppl wake up and understand; but I hope that someone comes up with something before the next major disaster or economic decline (which the pres. says it’s already approaching in the weeks to come).

  • i love the idea of teams ive been looking for something like this in vermont and cant find any i’m new to this and i want to learn now before something happens.

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