If you’re using, or are in the market for, gas-powered generators here’s a review by Popular Mechanics. Which Small Generator is the Toughest? Generators are an important item that should be in your emergency supplies. The generators reviewed by Popular Mechanics are all portable (an important feature!) and provide a steady stream of power. Thanks Instapundit for the link! Source: pjmedia.instapundit.com
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Personally i have a honda eu2000i. Its about 50#full its quiet you can stand over it and hold a conversation. On a minimum load it runs 12ish hr on just over a gal of gas at around $1,000 you cant beat it. Iv had mine for around 3 years and no issues above maintnence. I understand thats expensive but ive only had to add oil between oil changes once and with its suitcase design its as portable as a generator can get.

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