What Kind of Wheat Should I Buy?

By Beth Buck     Wheat is the #1 thing people think of when you mention food storage. My grandmother is such a believer in the sanctity of food storage wheat that she still has about a thousand pounds of … Read More

Food Storage for Nomads

by Beth Buck   I’m specifically writing this article for my sister-in-law who just moved to Germany in connection with her husband’s job in the United States Army. She likes the concept of emergency preparedness, but hasn’t been able to … Read More

Five Ways Having Long-Term Food Storage is Empowering

By Beth Buck   “Empowering” is not usually a word people use to describe long-term food storage. Usually you see words and phrases like, “wheat,” “rice-and-beans,” and “bland” associated with food storage. Cracked wheat cereal doesn’t exactly inspire empowerment. I … Read More

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