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California got a lot of water. I mean a lot of H2O. I recently posted about how California is blasting out of their never-ending drought thanks to all that rain. But while that article was about the good times, we still need to talk about the not-so-good times. Flooding Too much of a good thing can be harmful. We need water to live, but too much in our body has adverse effects. Another good thing that we can have too much of is, unfortunately, pizza (don’t kill the messenger). But when it comes to rain, that’s a good thing for California. But then it kept raining…and it rained some more…and the rain kept coming. It was like someone opened up a fire hose above the state and just drenched everything in sight! [caption id="attachment_21442" align="alignright" width="300"]Floating Phone Booth - LA Times Rain "Yes, hi. I'd like to make a collect call..."[/caption] Of course, that’s just what California needed for drought relief. But there was still an after effect. Flooded streets was a problem for the urbanites, but in comparison to the rural regions, flooded streets no longer seem that bad. Many of California’s farmlands and vineyards have been flooded by the recent rain revolution. Much like how pizza can cure hunger but too much will start making someone feel sick, a good bit of rain is essential to curb the drought, but too much will start hurting crops. With so much rain, certain precautions were overwhelmed. One such barrier to flooding was a levee in a farming area near Hollister. On January 20, 2017, a levee failed to hold back the floods, causing a release of water so immense that farms and homes in the region were completely swamped. Water rescue teams were dispatched to help the local residents as well as wildlife flee the rushing, rising rivlets. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this scenario somewhere before… Rain is good. Too much rain still has good things about it, but can also cause a lot of troubles (just ask Winnie the Pooh). That’s why being prepared for many different scenarios is a good idea. Preparing for drought now while the water is good is a splendid thing to do. Preparing for flooding? Better now than in the thick of it. For any disaster, it’s better to be prepared well in advanced. Otherwise, you might up the creek (or street, in this case) without a paddle. Written by Steven M. Disaster_Blog_Banner Rain

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