Need a Mother's Day Gift?


Mom works hard all day, every day. Here are four suggestions for celebrating Mother’s Day without breaking the bank (or your back). 1. Treat her to a dinner of Provident Pantry Sweet and Sour Noodles with Beef. No, this is not a subliminal message about your mom. This is an easy way to make Mom something special without spending all day in the kitchen. This gift is especially helpful if your mom has ever told you that you’re helpless when it comes to cooking. Surprise her with this tasty freeze dried entrée! 2. Start her day off right with a delicious breakfast. If serving breakfast in bed is more your style, tempt the mother you’re honoring with an extra hour of sleep. With any of the Mountain House pouches (all on sale!!) you can whip up a meal without dirtying a lot of dishes. There are several breakfasts to choose from; my favorite is Scrambled Eggs with Ham and Red and Green Peppers. Your mom might prefer Granola with Milk and Blueberries. Each packet of freeze dried food has two servings so Mom doesn’t have to dine alone. 3. Get Mom a grain mill. Is your mom the type that spends her money on everyone but herself? If so, she’s probably been eyeing one of these grains mills for a while now. Both the Nutrimill and Wondermill are on sale this month. In fact, we’ve permanently dropped the price on our Wondermill grinder to $239.95. This really is a great time to give your mom this durable gift. If you’re lucky, maybe she’ll be so excited to use it that she’ll make you a fresh loaf of bread. I almost hate to say it, but it’s a wonder you hadn’t thought of this earlier! 4. Last but not least, gift your mom a Byte headlamp. It might seem like a weird gift, but this little ray of light is great for a couple of reasons. One, if your mom loves to read in bed, she can read without waking up dad if she has a Princeton Tech Byte headlamp. Two, could it be that mom really just wants some peace and quiet on the road? She can keep this headlamp in the car and pass it on to the kiddos when the sun goes down. Then they can keep themselves busy reading, coloring, or playing games. Voila! Peace, quiet, and one happy mom! This Mother’s Day get Mom something unique. Not only will she love your thoughtfulness, but it will also help her be prepared!
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