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[caption id="attachment_21494" align="alignright" width="300"]Oroville Dam Spillway - via Metabunk The progression of the spillway's damage after one night - via Metabunk[/caption] You may have heard of the Oroville Dam, California’s second-largest reservoir, that's about to break and flood the entire state of California (take that, drought!). Well, those reports may be a tad over exaggerated. No, the Oroville Dam is not going to break. The emergency spillway, however, may fail. The Spillway Spilled Apparently there's a big, gaping hole in the emergency spillway which could continue to erode, thus causing the water to go off the side. That will cause a much faster erosion, opening up more room for damage and heavy flooding. [caption id="attachment_21493" align="alignright" width="300"]70 Miles Downstream in Sacramento - via Metabunk Oroville Dam 70 Miles downriver in Sacramento - via Metabunk[/caption] As the spillway continues to release the kraken dam lake water, flooding is inevitable. To make things worse, flooding downriver has already begun. The image to the right shows what the water levels were like in Sacramento on Sunday. Levels certainly are high with flooding already happening, but Monday and Tuesday are expected to be rainless and dry, which will help the situation. However, there is another round of rain expected later on in the week which could last for several days. At the time of this writing, however, things have calmed down, as Lake Oroville water levels have dropped past 901 feet, which is the level when the lake water spills into the spillway. But all is not completely peachy at the spillway. According to the Sacramento Bee, severe damage is expected to have occurred on the main spillway from water releasing so quickly. Gridlocked and Gasless [caption id="attachment_21498" align="alignright" width="300"]Gas Station Backup - via Sacramento Bee Oroville Dam Queue for gas as residents evacuate - via Sacramento Bee[/caption] At least 188,000 people were evacuated downriver from the Oroville Dam. As you might think, the order to evacuate caused a bit of panic, which, in turn, resulted in a gridlock on Sunday night. Some people were stuck in their cars on the side of the road, their gas indicator on red. Gas stations along the evacuation route had shut off the pumps, all out of gas. Fuel was certainly difficult to come by. An easy fix to this is to always keep your vehicle filled to at least half a tank. That way, if you are forced to evacuate without much warning (indeed, these people only had about an hour’s notice), you can at least get past the high-traffic areas until you Replace a less congested gas station to fill up at. Nowhere to Sleep With the mass exodus that ensued following the flood threat, hotels in Sacramento and a nearby county filled up fast. What would you do if you couldn’t Replace a place to stay? By having some form of emergency shelter (i.e. a tent), you could at least Replace a nice patch of grass on which to camp out (uphill from the flood threat, of course). If you already have a tent, this impromptu campout is a less-expensive alternative to hunting down a vacant hotel room (bonus: camping is fun!). At the time of this writing, the situation is improving, but with more rain on the horizon, the threat level could rise once again. Emergencies can happen to anyone in any location. The Oroville Dam incident is specific to a few hundred thousand people, yes, but other unforeseen disasters could threaten your area without a moment’s notice. Use today to be prepared for tomorrow, and get your emergency gear together as soon as you can. Written by Steven M. Disaster_Blog_Banner Oroville Dam
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This situation has been deteriorating for years while the governor of this state has recently been overly obsessed with the results of the election and the state of immigration in California instead of keeping a close eye on repairing this worn Oroville Dam. Now, ironically, his hand is out to the POTUS for federal funds!



Carol…TO TRUE!!

They were warned over 11 years ago during a License inspection and they actually had a 7billion dollar bond on the ballot to pay for it!

Instead they spent ALL THAT MONEY on a monorail in SF!!!!

I live in North Cali…above the dam area (Shasta)…and personally I feel horrible for the people…but then again most in the lower state area dont give a darn about this..even though this dam and lake supply most of the water for the SAC area! This is a perfect example of Brown not doing his job and paying attention to his Sanctuary Cities and Immigration issues, instead of taking care of the items in need of work in the state.

I kind of hope he washes away with the rest of the legislature in the SAC area. LOL

I also hope POTUS says NO! Or at lease denies funds until the state cleans up the enormous illegal immigration issues!

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