Since food storage is an essential part of any emergency preparedness plan, it’s important to help your family feel comfortable with eating items from your food storage—before an emergency hits. If you “eat what you store, and store what you eat,” your family will have a sense of security and normalcy if a disaster strikes. Making food storage recipes for your weekly meals now will help your family to get familiar with food storage and will also help them understand that food storage doesn’t just mean MREs, wheat, and dry alphabet soup mix. You can make many of your family favorites from food storage. Here are some food storage recipes that you can add into your weekly meal rotations. These recipes are quick, easy, and tasty! In honor of Preptember™ we cooked up some Prepper’s Pie


Prepper’s Pie 1 Tbsp. Clarified Butter or Olive Oil ½ C Dehydrated Onion ½ C Dehydrated or Freeze Dried Carrot 1 ½ C  Super Sweet Freeze-Dried Corn 1 C Freeze-Dried Green Beans (or black beans, pinto beans, or peas; whatever sort of legume you want to throw in there) 1 ½ C  Freeze-Dried Roast Beef Steak Dices (or freeze-dried ground beef, Beef Crumbles, Beef TVP, or Freeze-Dried Cooked Roast Beef) 4 C Instant Mashed Potatoes (or more if you like a thicker layer of potatoes) 1-1 ½ C  Beef Gravy Directions Rehydrate onion, carrot, corn, beans, beef, and mashed potatoes according to directions on the can. Sauté onion in melted clarified butter until golden and clear or slightly browned (don’t have to sauté them too long or else they will become soggy). Add all ingredients BUT the mashed potatoes in a rectangle shallow glass pan. Mix ingredients together by hand so that the distribution of items is even. Bake covered at 300°F for about 30 minutes. Remove from oven and spread the potatoes evenly over top. Return to bake uncovered for about 20 minutes. If potatoes are not golden on the peaks, top broil for a minute or two. Variation: Keep the gravy out of the casserole until everything has cooked, then spoon it over the top of the potatoes, or right onto the plate and place the serving of casserole on top. Like the Prepper’s Pie and want some more food storage recipes to try? Check out some more food storage breakfast, dinner, sides, and dessert recipes below. Breakfast Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal Bars Ham and Cheese Pop-Ups Dinner Easy Hearty Beef Stew Pecan Chicken Casserole Sides Food Storage Pasta Primavera Bake Beans Western Style Recipe Dessert Raspberry Crisp Banana Oat Crumb Cake These are just a few recipes to get you started. Check out the rest of our food storage recipes on our Recipes page.
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Marion Arne

Marion Arne

Please, I need recipes for the freeze-dried white cooked chicken I recently purchased! I have no clue how to use this product. Thanks!

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