The Ocean City boom makes us ask if you really were caught in an earthquake, what would you do?

When a loud boom, violent shaking, and tremors rattled Ocean City, MD in early Feb., the city’s residents were confused. Most suspected an earthquake, but within hours geologists confirmed that wasn't the case. The Baltimore Sun reported the event, and by Thursday evening, signs pointed towards supersonic jets flying from the Patuxent Naval Air Station. Two jets took off over the Atlantic coast at the time of the rumbling. It’s likely that weather conditions allowed the sonic booms to travel further than normal. Although geologists were satisfied when the Navy confessed to planning two supersonic flights Thursday, many citizens wondered “if there wasn't something more mysterious” at hand. “We've had sonic booms in town before,” said one firefighter, “but this seemed different. It was more sustained, and then there was a pause for about a minute and then it started again.” Others agreed, having experienced similar rumblings every three to six months, but this particular boom was the most intense so far. “We've never got one like today,” Bart Rader, a resident who felt the boom as it rattled a 50 lb. sculpture in his home, said. Read the Baltimore Sun article, "Boom, then rumble leaves Ocean City puzzled” to learn more about this mysterious boom that has everyone talking.> Those in Maryland were lucky it wasn't ruled as an earthquake, but if it was … would they have been ready to face it? Would you be? Natural disasters are often unexpected and destructive; many people Replace they are underprepared. As disasters occur around the country and throughout the world, we should each be asking ourselves the same question: are we really prepared? Check out some of our Insight articles to help you prep for an earthquake: “Earthquakes” “Quake, Rattle, and Roll: Easy Steps to Take Before the Big One Hits” “Quake, Rattle, and Roll: What to do during an earthquake” “Quake, Rattle, and Roll: What to do after an earthquake” Or browse the other Insight Article categories Sources:,0,3754031.story
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