Be Prepared With Light

Let It Shine

Light. We need it to see, but also to feel safe, comfortable, and in control. There are many options for alternate lighting sources. Check out a few of the options below:

Light Sticks

A cheap option for kits and home preparedness, light sticks are a one-time use item that lasts for several hours. To use, simply bend the stick. This breaks a small glass vile inside, mixing two chemicals to produce light. This light is bright enough to read by, and can even be used to entertain the young ones!

Light sticks are great for use following disasters. Since there could be gas leaks following an earthquake or tornado, light sticks activate without any sparks, and still gives you enough light to inspect your home if a gas leak is suspected. Likewise, light sticks are a great way to signal for help. With different color options, you can have the best color for any situation.

Since light sticks glow due to a chemical reaction, they will expire eventually. But these are easy to rotate by giving them to your kids to play with and they are very inexpensive.


Flashlights are a great option for emergency kits, but definitely make sure you have replacement batteries. There are plenty of different types of flashlights to choose from, so think of the space you have, budget, and how bright the light is. You don’t always need a super-bright light, but there are some instances in which that is the ideal option. Having more than one variety of flashlight will make sure you always have the kind you need.

Also consider investing in a hand-crank flashlight. No batteries required, simply crank the handle to produce power for your light. Very handy in emergencies when the last thing on your mind is spare batteries.


Keep your hands free by strapping your light to your head. Headlamps are especially useful if you have other things to carry and don’t want to fumble around for a light. Also great for night hikes, working in your yard after the sun goes down, or any other situation in which hands-free lighting is the option of choice.


Lanterns are an excellent resource in lighting up a group or large area. Hang one in your tent, above your work area, or a tree branch for some extra brightness. You can find lanterns that use many different power sources, including propane, batteries, solar, and crank.

If you have a unit that uses batteries, considering getting a rechargeable battery pack to use with solar panels for a renewable energy source. Charge it up during the day, and light it up during the night!