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Freeze-Dried Meats & Dehydrated Meats

Need more protein in your food storage? Freeze-dried meats are a great way to make sure you get the protein you need during an emergency.

Freeze-dried meats are delicious and easy to prepare. Just add water and eat as a healthy snack or add to any recipe!

We offer a wide variety of options. Take a look below to pack your pantry with protein.

Ensuring a well-balanced emergency meal plan during a time of crisis is essential to survival. At, we offer entrées and snacks to keep you and your family healthy and assured of good nutrition during an emergency or when you are on the go. Having a balanced diet, including freeze dried meat for protein, is easy with our large emergency food inventory.

Protein-rich foods like our freeze dried chicken, freeze dried ground beef, freeze dried pork chops, and even freeze dried bacon, should be a staple in your emergency food supply. These meats are easy to store and offer an extended shelf life so you can stay prepared with a great foundation of emergency foods. Freeze-dried meats can be enjoyed as part of an entrée or at any time a protein-rich snack is needed.

Freeze dried meats and dehydrated meat choices are super easy to prepare. You only need to add water to create a healthy entrée or delicious snack. Our meats can also be incorporated into many other recipes in our emergency food selection, such as tasty freeze dried Fajita Chicken, Italian Style Meatballs, Pork Sausage Crumbles, and freeze dried White Turkey. With so many options available, your emergency food supply will be easy to build and enjoyable to eat when the situation arises.

We also make it easy to stock up on high quality gourmet freeze dried meats. Check out our available combination meal options like our Freeze-Dried Savory Meats Combo or the Vital Freeze-Dried Meats Combo. You can even start building your foundation with our Emergency Essentials® Super Supply of Freeze-Dried Meats, which includes freeze-dried roast beef, white chicken and turkey, and freeze-dried beef crumbles. With a shelf life of over 25 years, your sources of protein will be ready and waiting when you need them most.

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