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MRE Heater

Heat your MRE pouches safely and quickly without fire. Great for use in situations where fire is prohibited or not recommended. Ideal for emergency preparedness, campers, hunters, and other outd..

HydroHeat® Large Replacement Heat Pouch 10 Pack

Reaching peak temperatures in just 20 minutes, these HydroHeat Large Replacement Heat Packs are your source of fuel for your HydroHeat Flameless Cooker. These Heat Packs are the perfect alternative t..

HydroHeat® Flameless Heat Cooker

How do you cook without fire? The HydroHeat Flameless Heat Cooker is how we do it! By using only water and one of our Large Heat Packs, you can cook your freeze-dried and dehydrated food anywhere you ..

Emergency Essentials® Fuel Cells (2 pack)

*PLEASE NOTE, THIS ITEM HAS A MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY REQUIREMENT* These fuel cells will warm your food continuously for 6 hours, or provide enough heat to cook for 4 hours straight. To control heat o..

Trekker Stainless Steel Kelly Kettle®

The Trekker Stainless Steel Kelly Kettle is an ultra-fast camping kettle that can boil 0.57 liters (19 oz.) in minutes using only natural fuels you can find anywhere! The Trekker works as both a lig..

Emergency Essentials® Stove with Fuel Cell

When you need an outdoor stove, you won't always have a large grill at your disposal. This sturdy stove is easy to carry and makes a convenient cooker anywhere you find yourself. Each fuel cell will ..

Hydroheat® and Heat Pack Refill Combo

With 1 heat pack in the cooker and 10 in the refill box, you'll have plenty of fuel for your new flameless cooker. Using only water to activate the heat packs, the HydroHeat® is the ideal way of creat..

HydroHeat® and Mountain House

Combining our innovative HydroHeat Flameless Cooker with 3 pouches of Mountain House entrees makes it easier than ever to enjoy delicious meals - without fire! By using only water and one of our He..

Folding Stove

*PLEASE NOTE, THIS ITEM HAS A MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY REQUIREMENT* The Folding Stove is a light, durable, and compact cooking platform that is perfect for mess kits, backpacking, and emergency situatio..

Can Opener Multi-Tool 2-pk

*PLEASE NOTE, THIS ITEM HAS A MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY REQUIREMENT* The Can Opener features a spoon and bottle opener, making it the perfect multi-tool for cutting down on space and the number of utensi..

Bung Wrench & Bucket Lid Opener

Pail and Bucket lid opener (also called a bung wrench or drum bung wrench) allows quick and easy opening of food storage pails and buckets without lid damage. Store a Bung Wrench on top of your food s..

Stainless Large Steel Sierra Cup

*PLEASE NOTE, THIS ITEM HAS A MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY REQUIREMENT* The 18-oz. stainless steel Sierra Cup can be used as a small bowl, plate, drinking cup, or as a small cooking/warming pan. This 18-oz..

Victorio Hand Grain Mill

A food storage and preparedness plan must! No emergency food storage plan is complete without an electricity-free grain mill The Victorio hand-operated grain mill has a precision stainless steel mil..

Emergency Essentials® 28 oz Shaker Bottle

*PLEASE NOTE, THIS ITEM HAS A MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY REQUIREMENT* The Emergency Essentials 28 oz Shaker Bottle is your go-to bottle to mix a wide range of drinks. From smoothies, protein shakes, juic..

Grey GSI Spoon

*PLEASE NOTE, THIS ITEM HAS A MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY REQUIREMENT* Always have a spoon available while camping or in an emergency with this washable, heavy duty plastic spoon. Rugged full-sized cutler..

Dura Rocket Stove

This rock-solid Rocket Stove from EcoZoom uses wood or biomass as fuel, making this an ideal cooker for camping trips, backyard cookouts, and emergency situations. The Dura is great for camping, prep..
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Cooking Equipment


There are a number of emergency situations where the loss of power or access to modern conveniences can be prolonged. Going days without electricity will require you to find alternate ways to prepare nutritious meals. Having emergency cooking supplies in your survival kit can make a big difference to your ability to provide these meals for yourself and your family. At, we offer a variety of cooking tools perfect in emergencies.

From basic stoves to deluxe cooking systems, we have a large inventory of tools designed to make life more comfortable and convenient, especially in an emergency. These tools allow you to heat up meals efficiently no matter where you are in a crisis situation.

Many of our cooking products are also the ideal choice for your outdoor activities, such as camping and backpacking. Several of our products will fit comfortably into your backpack so it can travel with you. Make healthy food prep-on-the-go as easy as it is at home without the need for charcoal, propane, or electricity.

Invest in a quality cooking system for your emergency kit and don’t miss out on our selection of high quality meals and snacks to accompany your new cooking stove, grill, or solar oven. We even carry the all-important waterproof matches and fire-starter materials for your basic survival needs. Accessories, like mess kits and replacement heating packs, are also available in our inventory.

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Mega Filter PRO

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If within 30 days any product in your purchase from us fails to meet your expectation; We will make it right!

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The right number of calories, from real protein sources, are crucial in any emergency situation.

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Great taste and quality shouldn't be sacrificed in your emergency food storage.