30-Gallon Water Barrel Combo

  • 30-Gallon Water Barrel Combo
  • Brand: Emergency Essentials®
  • Water Container Size: Large (15+ Gallons)

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When your water becomes unexpectedly unusable - be it from a broken water main, contamination, or other unforeseeable event - this 30 Gallon Water Barrel Combo provides water during your time of need. This combo includes the 30 gallon water barrel, bung and gas wrench, and emergency siphon to store and access your water with ease.

  • Made from heavy-duty, thick, high molecular weight polythylene FDA approved resin
  • BPA-free

Each 30-gallon water barrel provides enough water for drinking, cooking, and light personal sanitation for two people. This amount is recommended as a minimum supply of emergency water for a two-week period.

Note: The top of the barrel does not remove. Access to water inside of the barrel is through the bung seals.

Brand Emergency Essentials®
Tech Specs
Water Container Size Large (15+ Gallons)