Aquamira 3L Pressurized Reservoir


Hands-Free Filtered Water On-the-Go

No more carrying a heavy pack of water on your outdoor family adventures.

The unique design of the Aquamira 3L Pressurized Reservoir fits into Aquamira RIG Hydration Packs or any backpack with a water reservoir packet.

Fill it with water from any freshwater source on the go, place it inside your backpack, and shoot water from the drink tube. 

  • Quick-release valves on drinking & pressurization tubes
  • Wide mouth opening for fast refills 
  • Dishwasher-safe design 
  • Convenient and easy to clean
  • No BPA or phthalates
  • Lifetime leak-free warranty for peace of mind
  • Bulb holder for power bulb management
  • FREE Frontier MAX filter housing included

Unlike Any Other Hydration Pouch

Instead of lugging around water on your treks, enjoy clean, safe water as needed with the Aquamira 3L Pressurized Reservoir.

When needed, simply fill up the Aquamira 3L Pressurized Reservoir.

The patented pressurized reservoir system allows you to drink from the tube or spray pressurized water.

The Aquamira 3L Pressurized Reservoir is also an ideal choice for sharing water with others, cleaning wounds, or cooling off.

Refill, Filter, and Quench Your Thirst

When your reservoir is running low, remove the scissor clamp and refill the reservoir from any river, lake, or pond.

When you connect your Aquamira filter, you are ready to rehydrate. 

Use the bulb to find the perfect amount of pressure to enjoy the refreshing spray of clean water.

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